December Meeting

17 Dec 2012
Decembers meeting will be an extra special one! Schedule
  • We are going to be having Matt Gammache-Asselin do a remote presentation on the Parse API & Android SDK and how you can use it to build your own cloud backed Android apps!
  • John Stewart is going to be talking about his NDK backed android app FreeX3D that he recently published to the play store. It uses OpenGL and 3D meshes to let you preview your models before you export write them out with your 3D printer.
We are still accepting more presentations, and if you have any questions/subject matter you'd like covered for the Parse API let us know! If you have any questions you would like to ask about Parse, write them as comments to this reddit post. Upvote comments you want answered. We'll get Matt to answer the top voted questions. We are going to be starting this one at 6:30 sharp so we aren't keeping Matt waiting for too long, so try not to be late!