DROIDHACK - More to come!

07 May 2011
Today marked the first DROIDHACK event for our group. I'd like to thank Spencer, Simon, Don and Rob(apologies if I got your name wrong) for coming out.  It was great to get together and dive back into Android development. As for what people managed to get done: Spencer worked on updating the UI of his Mercury project by implementing an action bar.  Early results are looking really good, and really excited to see how mercury will look after the interface update. Simon implemented a text-to-speech plugin for PhoneGap. So if you are looking to adding some voice-synth to your PhoneGap application look no further! Don helped me work on getting a project put together for making databases on Android easier. Rob was working on a Honeycomb application.  Unfortunately I didn't get to see what it was, though looking forward to seeing it at our next meeting. So I'd say this was a success, but don't fret if you couldn't make it out.  We will be having more in the future, though we haven't figured out a date yet.