IPv6 Summit in Ottawa

11 Mar 2011
[This post is by James Puderer — Chris Saunders] As you may already know IPv4 addresses are running out.  At this time it's predicted that Asia/Pacific will run out sometime in the next 6 months; Europe and North America will soon follow.  The successor to IPv4, is IPv6 and will soon be required to access all of the internet. I'd like to invite you, and your group, to the IPv6 Summit scheduled for April 29th, and held at the University of Ottawa.  The summit will serve as an introduction to IPv6 specific issues for people that setup, debug, and manage network infrastructure. We are planning a full day event with an intro/business-case stream, a technical stream, and a "demo" room where people can test their portable equipment's IPv6 compatibility. The conference is still open for speaker submissions and we'd welcome topics that may relate to IPv6 and your groups specialty. More information can be found on our official website http://ipv6summit.ca (available over IPv6).