Opportunities at You i Labs

05 Nov 2010
We've been contacted by You i Labs about placing up some opportunities they have available for Android developers in the Ottawa Area. The guys at You i are doing some pretty interesting projects, and I wouldn't be surprised if these opportunities involve getting right down to the source level of Android and hacking the hell out of it. If you are interested in any of these positions you can get a hold of the You i Labs team by sending your resume to [info@youilabs.com](mailto:info@youilabs.com) - - - ### Android Platform Expert ### **Job Type:** C/C++ Programmer** **Requirements** * 3+ years experience in Linux programming using the GNU compiler tool-chain * 2+ years C++ software development experience * Experience in porting and integrating Android to new platforms * Experience and knowledge of Android low-level graphics pipeline * Experience or strong interest in code and compiler optimization * Experience in working with evaluation or hobby boards **Responsibilities** * To join a world-class team in integrating and porting the Android OS to new platforms - - - ### Senior / Intermediate Software developer ### **Job Type: C/C++ Programmer** **Requirements** * Strong programming skills in C and C++ * Experience or strong interest in developing high-performance low level 2D and 3D graphics engines * Experience in manipulating assets (geometry, images, sounds) for use in small computing platforms * Experience in building innovative user interfaces using popular toolkits * Experience in developing software for mobile systems or hobby computing platforms * Experience or strong interest in code and compiler optimization **Responsibilities** * We are all part of a team here, so expect things like code reviews, design swarms, and documenting your great new idea * We want to bring our software to as many devices as possible, so ensuring our code is portable is an everyday task * Our customers and the issues they find are very important to us, so weíll expect a professional attitude and work ethic * Our business is writing new software, but we also take the design and functionality of legacy code very seriously * Help us communicate our technology to other people through papers, blogs, tweets, or whatever ñ basically, we think evangelists are cool