Ottawa Android May Meeting

11 May 2010
Hello Everyone, This month's meeting will happen on the 19th of May starting at 6:30pm at The Code Factory (246 Queen, St). The topics of discussion this month will be: * Implementation of status/download bars via threading and handlers - __Marc Meszaros__ * Introduction to Localisation for Android - __Chris Saunders__ Also there will be a guest from the _Google Technology User Group_ coming out to our meeting this week to talk about an __Android Hackathon__ that may be coming up within the next few months. Come out with your ideas of what you would be interested in learning about so we can come up with some fun challenges and useful presentations! If you have anything you would like to add to the list of presentations please send a line to the [mailing list]( with your proposal and we will gladly make time for you. __Please remember to bring in $5.00 for the 'cookie jar' so we can keep having our meetings at The Code Factory.__ ### Update ### Possible presentations: * Presentation on a Database framework to reduce the amount of boilerplate code that is required.